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Big companies are built on big dreams. Find out what Content Roots Limited UK is all about.

ABOUT Content Roots Limited UK

Digital content provision is risky business. It’s a highly competitive environment with more twists and turns than a cretan labyrinth, but to us, it’s home. We love Watching movies, playing games, reading books and listening to music so we decided to immerse ourselves in a world where our passions mixed with our practice. Providing users with the chance to enjoy content as much as we do on a clean and reliable platform is our number one priority.


Movies, Games, Books and Music. We do it all! Whether it’s on the go or at home we facilitate the very best relationship between users and their favorite content.


From classic tearjerkers to modern blockbusters, we’ve got the very best titles. Movies keep us close. They get us together with family, friends and lovers to enjoy a common love of our favorite genres.


AAA, indie, mobile and greenlit games are our bread and butter. Games are like the younger brother of media family, sure he’s a little wet behind the ears but he’s got that contagious energy we all love.


The grand-daddy of all media. Stories are inseperable from both our culture and our hearts. Theres nothing like curling up with a good book and losing yourself in another world.


Sit back, relax and let the music come to you. Content Roots Limited has a matchless selection of amazing tracks for every mood any and any moment. Let us bring the life to the party!

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